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Winestillery - London Dry Gin

Price: $59.90

Quantity in Stock: 3
Producer Winestillery
Country Italy
Region Tuscany
Style Gin
Sku 1154448
Size 750ml

Winestillery Description

What if I told you that Gin was invented and it was born in Italy?

In fact, before being codified in Holland with the name Genever or in England with the name Gin, in the eleventh century monks in Italy distilled wine and juniper berries, together with other botanicals from the Italian countryside, in order to create a drink with surprising tonic and therapeutic properties. The monasteries were places of research and study. Italian monasteries became the custodians of the art of distillation that arrived in Europe from the Middle East. Italy has always been an idyllic place for the growth of both wine grapes and juniper berries. It should therefore not be surprising if the archetype of Gin was created in Italy, as illustrated in the Compendium Salernitanum, an extraordinary medical work dated 1055 AD. Among its pages it explicitly mentions the preparation of a wine distillate and juniper berries with tonic properties. It is in the wake of this tradition, that throughout following centuries monks and alchemists created the famous “aqua vitae” by distilling wine. The flourishing of these monastic spirits led to the birth of all of the great distillates around the world.

Our London Dry Gin departs from here to investigate the great botanical heritage of Tuscany and the Chianti Classico Region.

Our London Dry exemplifies perfectly what the terroir is, expanding the boundaries of Gin. Our wine distillate along with a unique selection of Tuscan botanicals is distilled with our Pot Still in order to create a unique gin, capable of transporting you deep into the heart of our land.

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